#1 in the Series: Create, Adjust or Reinvent “Your Look”

What will be your image and wardrobe goals in the New Year?

Over the next few weeks I will be guiding you through the process of creating a “New Look”, organizing and cleaning out your closet and preparing your wardrobe for the coming year. Let’s get started!

Week One:

Tools to Assemble:
A large poster board
Several current fashion magazines
Releasable tape or glue
Magic markers (some with glitter if you are that type of person)
A notebook and pen

This week you will begin to create, adjust or reinvent “Your Look” so that it is consistent with your life goals for 2011 and makes you feel enthusiastic and confident about the Personal Image you are projecting to the world.

Set aside an afternoon or evening to tear out pictures that attract you from the fashion magazines. Don’t spend any time analyzing whether the look is right for you or how much the items cost. Just tear out what strikes your fancy. Don’t be stingy or edit yourself – BE BOLD! Consider photos of accessories, hair and makeup too.

Spread out the pictures you have chosen so that you can see the common concepts. It may be a certain color palette or a style that calls to you and will help you define the message you want to send to the world. Use the poster board to assemble the pictures you have selected and magic markers to write words that describe what made you choose those pictures and what you are envisioning. This will start your creative juices flowing so that you can begin to define your new look.

Now put your creation in a place where you can see it daily and notice
your reactions. Post a copy of your 2011 life goals next to it to help you get a stronger vision of how you will use your wardrobe to help you reach your goals. As the week goes along, take down the pictures that were just a passing fancy and revisit the magazines to find more of what is really speaking to you. Post those pictures too. Repeat as necessary until you are happy with all the images posted on the board and how they correspond to your life goals.

Throughout the week, keep the notebook close by the poster board to write out your observations as you define and refine what you envision for “Your Look” and your wardrobe for 2011. Hint: If you have set a  specific goal such as winning an award, make sure you post a picture of the type of outfit you will be wearing at the awards ceremony!

Jean’s Note:
Enjoy luxury of creating just for the fun of it…DON’T clean out your closet yet! This week is for creating, NOT for confronting the reality that is your closet. We will tackle that project and more next week so look for Part Three, coming soon.

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