#2 in the Series: Create, Adjust or Reinvent “Your Look”

Welcome to Week Two of your wardrobe makeover!

This Week, Clean Out Your Closet
This takes some time and can be mentally intense so set aside at least an afternoon or two evenings. Put on some favorite music to keep your spirits up and make a pot of your favorite tea or coffee.


Set up the poster board you made last week so that you can refer to it as you clean out your closet. And keep your notebook handy to remind you of the special outfits you will need for this year based on your goals.
Take everything out of your closet so that you can see what you have. A portable clothes rack is very helpful but your bed will do. Have a full length mirror handy.


Try on everything!
Separate all the items you haven’t worn in the past year and categorize why you haven’t worn them. Here are the usual categories: dated, doesn’t fit, no longer my style/color, worn out, needs cleaning, alteration or repair, no longer works for my current lifestyle.

Sort your clothes:

  • Remove all dated items so that the remaining clothes, shoes and accessories are current.
  • Remove any items that do not fit your body as it is right now.
  • Remove any items that are not worthy of you because of poor quality, wrong colors or just worn out.
  • Decide CAREFULLY which items are worth storing. Here are some valid reasons to keep a few items:
  • Fine quality, classic pieces that you can use again in another way, for instance: a suit with a dated jacket but pants that are still great on you.
  • A memento, this usually applies to accessories rather than clothing but it belongs in your memento box, not in your current closet.
  • If you are on a weight loss or weight gain program: Fine clothing that you can reasonably (key word is reasonably, not hopefully) expect to fit into within the next season.
  • A piece that is just too cool to let go but is not appropriate for your current lifestyle; if you love it you will find a way to work it into your life in the future.

Put your discards and items to be stored in another area so they won’t distract you from your current closet.


  • Test the items you are keeping in good lighting against your face to make sure they are in flattering colors that make you look vibrant and healthy, especially those pieces worn next to your face.
  • Organize your closet, hanging all pants together, jackets, dresses and so on. Subdivide your closet into business, casual, evening and activewear so that you can easily find what you need when you need it.
  • Now you can see what you are missing. Refer to your poster board and goals for the types of outfits you will need. You may find that you have lots of pants and no skirts or dresses, or lots of tops but only two pairs of black pants and a pair of jeans.
  • Set aside clothes to be washed, cleaned, altered to fit you perfectly or to be repaired.
  • Make a list of clothing and accessory items to be purchased to replace worn out favorites or to complete existing outfits. This will be your first shopping list.
  • Be mindful of your goals and events for the year! If you have an important meeting in March, now is the time to plan that outfit, not the week before the meeting when your attention needs to be on preparing for the meeting!

If your closet consists of just one clothing rack, wire clothes hangers and a bureau that hides everything, you need a clothing organization system that allows you can see all that you have and get to it quickly and easily. Make a list of closet organizational items that will make your closet more functional such as double clothing racks, clear boxes for jewelry storage, scarf and belt hangers, padded hangers, clear storage boxes for sweaters, etc.


  • Take discarded clothing to a consignment shop or your chosen charity.
  • Wash, iron or take clothing to the cleaners as necessary.
  • Take clothing to tailor to be altered or repaired.
  • Purchase the closet organization items you listed above.

Jean’s Note:

  • Refine the shopping list you started above by adding the accessory items you need to complete your outfits such as jewelry, scarves, shoes and undergarments.
  • Also add any additional items or outfits you have discovered you will need to help you achieve your goals. (Ex: You have set a goal to learn to play golf so you will need the proper hat, shirts, pants, shoes and accessories.)

Enjoy the process and get your list together, next week you WILL go shopping!

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