Addressing and Dressing Your Sensual, Sexy Self

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The holidays are approaching. Is it time to pay attention to your sensual side? When someone invites you out, do you feel under prepared for a date night? It’s important to create some definition between your work life and your social life. Confidently putting together outfits that make you feel sexy and sensual is an important tool for everyone. Let me help you break it down.

STYLIST TIP: Organize your closet so that your work wardrobe and social wardrobe are separated. Don’t be tempted to wear sparkles, a sundress or a shoulder baring top to work. Save them for your social occasions. You will feel more professional at work and more sensual in your private life.

Check your attitude

Being sexy is based on an attitude of confidence. If you are uncomfortable with how much of your body you are showing or paying attention to the bad fit of your clothing choice, you will not be exuding sexiness. Make sure you choose clothes and accessories that make you feel good. Fabrics that are soft to the touch, breathable and fit properly will keep your mind on feeling radiant and enjoying the evening.

Key pieces: A smile, comfort and ease.

Show some shape

Focus your attention on silhouette. Be sure your clothing is adding show-some-shapedefinition to one-half of your body. This is the perfect time to emphasize your best body features. For instance, if you’re wearing a billowy top, pair it with a slim fitting pencil skirt to show off your great legs. If you’re wearing a wide leg pant or a flouncy skirt, pair it with a form-fitting top to show off beautiful shoulders. If you are self-conscious about your arms but want to show them off, wear a top that has sheer sleeves. This stretchy fabric will hug your arms and show definition while still offering coverage. For what to do about sleeveless dresses (other than the ubiquitous shrug) check out to see how to add a beautiful sheer sleeve to your dress. Amazing!

Key pieces: Pencil skirts or mermaid shaped skirts, one-shoulder accents on a top or dress, stretchy tops, stretchy leggings for layering, a belted waistline.

Start with a good foundation

good-foundationTo feel sexy, your undergarments need to lend their support. Avoid any ill-fitting bras, panties or shapers. You don’t have to be uncomfortable to have a flirty look. Don’t buy shapers a size smaller than what you wear. Be sure to wear bras that correspond with the cut and shape of your top. Your clothes will look better if you have the right bra, underwear, slip, or shaper. Your sexy outfits may require special undergarments. Make sure you have them at the ready.

Key pieces: Push-up bra, racer back bra, t-shirt bra, strapless bra, no-line underwear, bustier, shapers, smooth full or half-slips.

Use accessories to draw attention

Your social wardrobe may revolve around simple classic pieces like a accessoriespencil skirt, slim-fitting cardigans, or a cigarette pant. That’s a perfect canvas for striking accessories and special occasion shoes. These finishing touches can transform your presence. Now you’re ready for a festive, flirty evening.

Key pieces: Chandelier earrings, a Lucite bracelet, a cluster of pearls, patent leather pumps, heeled sandals, flats in animal prints.

Polishing your look

 a gorgeous woman's face with red lips and smokey eyesHere’s an opportunity to step it up in the makeup department. Create a smoky eye with eye shadows, add eyeliner and/or apply false eyelashes to bring more attention to your eyes. Blush will bring color to your cheeks. Consider a brighter, more vibrant lipstick like your best shade of red. If you need tips to achieve a sexier look, go to your local makeup counter and ask an expert. Or book a lesson from a professional makeup artist.

Key pieces: Black or dark brown eyeliner, lip-gloss, your-best-shade of red lipstick, false eyelashes, a complimentary blush.

Pay attention to your posture

Don’t expect a 6-inch heel to give you the stature you’re looking for. Wear a heel height that gives you a confident stride. Stand up straight with your shoulders slightly back, no slouching. Your good posture will help you look and feel radiant.

Key pieces: strong, straight stance, shoes you can walk in confidently.

Call me if you are still a bit timid about pulling off a sensual or sexy look. We can make it work for you whether you want to turn up the heat a little or a lot!

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