Panache’s Summertime Blues – Top 5 Ways to Hide 10+ Pounds

Dressed to conceal the remaining 10 pounds but most would never guess it!

If you aren’t experiencing a slight (or enormous) decrease in energy because of the super hot weather, good for you. For the rest of us, grab an iced tea or cappuccino and let’s take a look at how this year in fashion and style are going.

Who else besides me has gained weight on a trip and is looking to hide it while getting your routine and diet back in order? Being gone 4 out of the last 6 1/2 months of this year has played havoc with my body and the hip-o-meter tells the tale, pun intended. (I’m an hourglass but measuring my hips is what keeps me on the straight and narrow path to fashion.) I’ve been back from Cape Town for a month. See my FB post photos here for some gorgeous views of this amazing city and the surrounding countryside: and the reduction is going well. Doing Paleo and counting calories and daily exercise really does work. It’s not always fun, but it works. I don’t like the gym so I work out at home. I use free weights and a rebounder, plus I swear by Callanetics for stretching and toning.

So whilst I reduce, how to hide the extra pounds? I had gained 13 pounds! On someone 5’1″ that’s two sizes. Fortunately, I know pretty much every trick there is to do this. Here are the top five that I am using right now. Show More

#1  Own it, by that I mean don’t just wear shapeless tents. They only make the problem worse.

Here are some specific tips for each figure type:

Hourglass: If you gain all over but always have a waist you can wear the soft wrap dresses. Blouses or tops that have some shape and shoulder definition with work with pants or skirts. Jeans need to follow your figure. If you aren’t too short a boot cut is your best bet.

Inverted Triangle: If you carry your weight above your waist, you can still wear short skirts and cute shoes to call attention to your legs.

Apple: If you carry your weight in the tummy, the A-line dress is your friend so that the eye keeps moving past your trouble zone to your face. Earrings are your best friend. Stay away from long necklaces and bracelets.

Pear: If your fat favors the hips, you likely still have a waist so you can play it up with dresses or tops that skim the waist and then use a blouse or top with some detailing or a scarf or larger necklace to balance your bottom.

Rectangle: If you gain all over but don’t have much waist, use draped tops with slim bottoms to create more of a waist effect. You can use a low-slung belt to help define your shape without cinching you in too much. You will also wear the wrap dress well.

#2  Knits are your friend. They expand and contract but make sure they are of a fabric that will skim your shape and not show every bump and bulge. Any figure shape can wear knits, you just have to get the right ones for you. 

#3  Strive for a monochromatic look to elongate your shape and keep the eye moving. DO NOT PUT CONTRAST AT YOUR PROBLEM AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Black pants and a colored top are not a good choice at this time.

#4  Choose a focal point away from your problem area and wear something eye-catching there. This is the perfect place to put that pop of color. Shoes, earrings, a scarf, etc.

#5  Make it temporary by restraining yourself from buying larger sizes. I keep a few larger sized pants in my downstairs closet for just such emergencies. They aren’t my favorites but I don’t get rid of them when I get back to my usual weight. I don’t keep them in my everyday closet, they go back downstairs as soon as I can get back into all the cute things I already own. When I help someone with their closet, I ask if their weight fluctuates. If so, this is the same advice I give them.

Visit these  Panache Images Pinterest Boards to get some visuals for your body shape.

Apple Style

Rectangular Style

Inverted Triangle Style

Pear Style

Hourglass Style

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Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Spring/Summer Color + Style Trend Report

SpringSummer2017BlogThere are a lot of trends this season. You can pick and choose because there is something for everyone – and there are some styles we all need to walk away from. Beware of the wide leg culottes hemmed just below the knee. Just because they are being sold doesn’t mean you should buy them. They are strictly for those fashionistas thin as a rail and over 5’9″. They make normal sized people look like trolls. Otherwise, my hat is off to this industry for making almost anything stylish so that we can all find new and interesting looks for the coming season. The looks above combine several trends. Can you tell which is which? Show More

  • The New Athleisure. A sexy take on athleisure, with skin-skimming knits that outline every curve, color-block bodysuits, and cute sporty separates. Not for those who don’t workout regularly.
  • ’80s Glam
  • Hardened Romantic
  • Bold Stripes
  • Contrast Denim
  • Bras Outside – don’t try this unless you are under 18 and weigh less than 100 lbs. or are truly avant garde!
  • Modern Ruffles


Bold Stripes


  • Spring Florals – dark backgrounds take away the saccharine sweetness.
  • Off the Shoulder
  • Long Pendants
  • Long/Large Earrings
  • Large Sunglasses

And here is the Spring/Summer color forecast by Color Marketing Group. SIDE NOTE: If you ever wondered who decides what colors will be in or out, this is the group responsible. Color Marketing Group is the premier international association for color design professionals. Their mission is to create color forecast information for professionals who design and market color, whether for cars, clothes, or even furniture.

PantonePalette for Spring 2017 editiedUsing your color palette, see which of the new colors harmonize for you. As I mention in my newsletter, I bought shoes in the hazelnut (second color from the right) and they are already my go-to shoe for my spring wardrobe. I also plan to make good use of Island Paradise (fun for summer pedicure too!). Your best may be Lapis Blue or Pink Yarrow. Whichever it is, it’s going to be a good season with lots of looks to add some fun accents to your basic capsule wardrobe.

If it has been awhile since you have had your colors updated I have to tell you that the new and completely customized color system I am using is amazing. The system is keyed to your specific skin, hair and eye colors. The clients who have these new palettes are raving about them and how they love having a color system that is totally theirs. Call me to learn more and to set an appointment.

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Accessorizing in Winter Months

woman wearing knitted sweater and gloves. fall and winter fashion concept.

Completing a winter outfit with the right accessories can be tricky. It’s colder, you’re bundled up, and less skin is showing. How can you showcase accessories without them getting lost in your layers? Here are ways to highlight and add polish your cold weather outfits.Show More

The face won’t be covered up so let’s be sure attention is heading its way. Try these ideas:

Strong earrings.cluster-earings

Clustered jeweled earrings, sparkly studs or hoop earrings (in your best metals) are a good choice. They will bring even more attention to your face when you have short hair or you’re wearing your hair in an up-do.

winterhatpinkWide brimmed hats.

These can add a dramatic mystique to a winter outfit as well as protect from winter showers or winter sunburns when in high altitudes.

Great lipstick color.lipsticks

A pop of color when it’s gray outside adds warmth and polish to your face. Deep berry colors or bright reds add excitement to your outfit.

The neckline is an easy area to adorn in order to bring more focus to your face. Try these ideas:

A scarf.

plaid-scarfThis accessory adds character depending on your choice of print, pattern or color, plus it adds an additional layer of warmth. Choose one in this season’s bold reds or jeweled tones or find one in a dark floral print or a non-traditional plaid. You can also layer two oblong scarves – one in a print, one in a flattering solid color – for an interesting look.

Collar necklace.jeweled collar necklace

Add a pearl or jeweled collar necklace to the top of cashmere sweaters or at the neckline of a minimalist high-necked dress or simple blouse. This extra touch adds interest, drama or a hint of femininity.

Bare skin.

asymetrical-dressA deep, wide, or asymmetrical neckline on a dress or blouse adds unexpected drama in the winter. The exposed skin can be all the accessorizing you need for some outfits. But have a scarf on hand just in case you need to cover up for warmth.

By adding a focal point to the torso, you bring attention to feminine curves or emphasis to a silhouette. Try these ideas:


Add one, two, or three brooches to the lapel of a winter coat or jacket, to a cardigan, or a menswear-inspired long vest. Or spruce up your formal wear by adding a jeweled cluster brooch to the neckline or to the fabric belt on a lace dress.

long-pendant-necklaceLong pendant.

Added to a sleek sweater or a silk blouse or tunic, this accessory is a simple and sophisticated way to add interest. That long line that you’re creating is also slimming. You may want to layer a few long chains along with that pendant for more style.

Belted coat.animal-print-coat

Do the unexpected and change belts on coats that come with their own self-belt. Whether a thick patent black belt or a python print belt in green and brown shades, adding your own belt to your outerwear adds surprise and shows your creativity at work.

 We’re often waving our arms as we express ourselves. Why not adorn our wrist or the parts of our hands and arms that are exposed? Try these ideas:


Long or short gloves in bright, bold colors or animal print patterns are functional for cold weather (especially with ¾ sleeved jackets) and they had flair to your outfit.


Bangles or metal cuffs are a great addition when wearing long-sleeved jewelled-bangledresses, jackets or coats with sleeves that hit just above the wrist. Mix metals in multiple loose bangles or wear a cuff

Bangles or metal cuffs are a great addition when wearing long-sleeved dresses, jackets or coats with sleeves that hit just above the wrist. Mix metals in multiple loose bangles or wear a cuff at your wrist that’s jeweled, beaded or studded.

Great handbag.

stylish-handbaga second bag in a berry tone, gold, or turquoise. Color can shake things up if you’re getting bored. A jeweled or sequined clutch is festive for events or nights out.



Are you having a hard time polishing off your winter outfits? I’m always here to help. I’d love to help you accessorize since we finally have some chilly days ahead! Let’s get something on your calendar.

Party In Your Jeans For The Holidays

party sign

Dressy casual seems like an oxymoron. You see it on an invitation or your hostess tells you oh, it’s casual but wear what you want! Sheesh, that is no help at all. Austin is all about casual so here are some real solutions to the dressy casual dress code.

Don’t feel like you have to run right out and get a new outfit. You may be able to create a dressy casual outfit for parties, dates and get togethers with friends by starting with a pair of jeans that reflect your personal style and are already in your closet.

With a smart jean style as your base, an evening top and/or jacket, great jewelry and trendy shoes you will show everyone that you know what cool is all about.


Here are some general rules for the best jeans to use as your casual chic or casual elegant outfit.

  1. The darker the denim, the more dressy and formal it is which workshi-rise-jeans-dark-denim well with the fancier items you’ll be wearing on top. The exception is winter white which is an attention-getting option too.
  2. If your party leans more to casual than elegant and you love jeans that are distressed in some way, plan to wear a dressy shoe that has some edge to it.
  3. Start with a high-rise jeans if you have a defined waistline. High-rise jeans look great with a cropped festive jacket.
  4. Go beyond the classic denim and consider jeans in a different material like leather jeans, coated jeans, or velvet jeans. If the pants read “dressy” than you can make the top half of your outfit more clean cut and simple.
  5. Beware that dark indigo jeans can discolor lighter-colored leather handbags. Pay close attention to your handbag selection for the night.


Now let’s get to what you’re wearing on top. Jackets can play a key role in dressing up jeans. Leave your work jackets out of the mix for now. Focus on more festive choices and think outside the box. Here’s a list that will get you started.

Jacket styles for dressing up jeans

  • A patterned dusterjacket-collage
  • A sheer flowy duster
  • Kimonos
  • A bejeweled wrap sweater that crisscrosses and ties at the waist
  • A lace poncho or silk poncho
  • A velvet Chinese jacket
  • Heavily embroidered jackets
  • Fur trimmed knit jackets
  • Vintage bed jackets


A top or blouse can be a fanciful choice for your jeans as well. If you’re lacking in this department, you might want to go on a shopping trip and only focus on this type of item. We don’t often see them on the racks when we’re shopping for casual or work outfits. Being super focused on this option could lead you to some great choices. Here are some tips for choosing and styling tops.

Tips on tops for your casual-fancy occasion

  • Sleek silk, black collared blouses with ribbon trimtops-collage
  • Leather tops with cut out details (any color)
  • Lace tops that are sleeveless or with long sleeves
  • Tops or sweaters with metallic threads running through them
  • Graceful asymmetrical tops
  • Tops or blouses that have lace, leather, or both lace and leather details
  • Romantic blouses with exaggerated cuff details such as pleating
  • Blouses with statement sleeves
  • Dramatic or bold print tops or sweaters
  • Sequined tops
  • Sheer print tops with a camisole underneath
  • Cashmere sweaters that are delicate and feminine


If you’re wearing a simple outfit then your jewelry needs to do the heavy lifting to put your outfit into the social setting of a dressy casual party. If you’re wearing lots of sequins in tops or jackets, your jewelry may need to back off a little. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be special!

Here are some ideas for using accessories to make your outfit sparkle and shine.

Jewelry choices for parties

  • Costume statement necklaces with lots of bling-wear more than one!jewelry-collage
  • Big and bold cocktail rings
  • Fine jewelry like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and pearls, pile it on
  • Layers of fine chains that shine
  • Brooches that sparkle brightly
  • Stacks of rings on one finger
  • Stacks of sparkly cuffs or bangles
  • Chandelier earrings
  • Dressy pendants
  • Crystal jewelry
  • Vintage jewelry


What will you wear on your feet? There are many possibilities from shoes that only feel comfortable for 20 minutes, to two hours, to shoes you can dance in all night. Here are some ideas. Choose wisely, if you feet hurt it shows in your expression. It would be a bummer to leave a party because of your feet. I say this from experience.

Shoe choices for nightlife

  • Kitten heel pumps
  • Pumps or flats that are sequined and very sparkly
  • Comfortable flats with details like silk tassels, appliques, ribbons and bows
  • Fanciful shoe accessories that clip on to your plain flats
  • Velvet slipper shoes
  • Heeled sandals
  • High heeled pumps
  • Velvet booties
  • Metallic booties
  • Over the knee suede boots with pointy toes



Don’t use your work handbag. For most gatherings the handbag you choose only needs to hold your lipstick, a credit card, some cash, keys and your smartphone. You may have cocktail handbags that you’ve used for years. I encourage you to take a closer look at them this year. Do they still look viable or does yours need an update? Here are some ideas for you.

Handbag selections for your jean party outfit

  • Colorful or patterned clutches
  • Smaller purses with chain straps
  • Fabric bags made with beautiful tapestry or damask fabrics
  • Small woven leather bags in metallic tones
  • Small-framed bags (many styles are being shown this season)
  • Vintage bags
  • Bags with pops of bold color

Could you use a few dressy casual outfits in your wardrobe? I’d love to help you assemble them so you are party-ready at any moment. Call me and we’ll talk!




Addressing and Dressing Your Sensual, Sexy Self

Sensual Woman

The holidays are approaching. Is it time to pay attention to your sensual side? When someone invites you out, do you feel under prepared for a date night? It’s important to create some definition between your work life and your social life. Confidently putting together outfits that make you feel sexy and sensual is an important tool for everyone. Let me help you break it down.

STYLIST TIP: Organize your closet so that your work wardrobe and social wardrobe are separated. Don’t be tempted to wear sparkles, a sundress or a shoulder baring top to work. Save them for your social occasions. You will feel more professional at work and more sensual in your private life.

Check your attitude

Being sexy is based on an attitude of confidence. If you are uncomfortable with how much of your body you are showing or paying attention to the bad fit of your clothing choice, you will not be exuding sexiness. Make sure you choose clothes and accessories that make you feel good. Fabrics that are soft to the touch, breathable and fit properly will keep your mind on feeling radiant and enjoying the evening.

Key pieces: A smile, comfort and ease.

Show some shape

Focus your attention on silhouette. Be sure your clothing is adding show-some-shapedefinition to one-half of your body. This is the perfect time to emphasize your best body features. For instance, if you’re wearing a billowy top, pair it with a slim fitting pencil skirt to show off your great legs. If you’re wearing a wide leg pant or a flouncy skirt, pair it with a form-fitting top to show off beautiful shoulders. If you are self-conscious about your arms but want to show them off, wear a top that has sheer sleeves. This stretchy fabric will hug your arms and show definition while still offering coverage. For what to do about sleeveless dresses (other than the ubiquitous shrug) check out to see how to add a beautiful sheer sleeve to your dress. Amazing!

Key pieces: Pencil skirts or mermaid shaped skirts, one-shoulder accents on a top or dress, stretchy tops, stretchy leggings for layering, a belted waistline.

Start with a good foundation

good-foundationTo feel sexy, your undergarments need to lend their support. Avoid any ill-fitting bras, panties or shapers. You don’t have to be uncomfortable to have a flirty look. Don’t buy shapers a size smaller than what you wear. Be sure to wear bras that correspond with the cut and shape of your top. Your clothes will look better if you have the right bra, underwear, slip, or shaper. Your sexy outfits may require special undergarments. Make sure you have them at the ready.

Key pieces: Push-up bra, racer back bra, t-shirt bra, strapless bra, no-line underwear, bustier, shapers, smooth full or half-slips.

Use accessories to draw attention

Your social wardrobe may revolve around simple classic pieces like a accessoriespencil skirt, slim-fitting cardigans, or a cigarette pant. That’s a perfect canvas for striking accessories and special occasion shoes. These finishing touches can transform your presence. Now you’re ready for a festive, flirty evening.

Key pieces: Chandelier earrings, a Lucite bracelet, a cluster of pearls, patent leather pumps, heeled sandals, flats in animal prints.

Polishing your look

 a gorgeous woman's face with red lips and smokey eyesHere’s an opportunity to step it up in the makeup department. Create a smoky eye with eye shadows, add eyeliner and/or apply false eyelashes to bring more attention to your eyes. Blush will bring color to your cheeks. Consider a brighter, more vibrant lipstick like your best shade of red. If you need tips to achieve a sexier look, go to your local makeup counter and ask an expert. Or book a lesson from a professional makeup artist.

Key pieces: Black or dark brown eyeliner, lip-gloss, your-best-shade of red lipstick, false eyelashes, a complimentary blush.

Pay attention to your posture

Don’t expect a 6-inch heel to give you the stature you’re looking for. Wear a heel height that gives you a confident stride. Stand up straight with your shoulders slightly back, no slouching. Your good posture will help you look and feel radiant.

Key pieces: strong, straight stance, shoes you can walk in confidently.

Call me if you are still a bit timid about pulling off a sensual or sexy look. We can make it work for you whether you want to turn up the heat a little or a lot!

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