Photo Seminar Results

“Thank you Jean for a terrific photo seminar. At first I was doubtful that ten simple tips could make such a difference, but the proof is in the pictures. I learned how I could pose naturally for the shots I wanted, and I also saw the amazing results in the photos of the others in the seminar. Unlike formal shooting sessions where the photographer just give orders, you explained very simply how it is that subtle pose changes affect the final image. This hands on workshop gave instant results.” MD

Basic Workshop Results

“Now that I’ve done the Panache Basic Workshop, I am so excited about creating my personal style. I have become so much more aware of what message I want to send via my physical presentation…and how to communicate the right thing. I am already more comfortable in my clothes because I am identifying who I really am…while stripping off who I am not and never was, and never wanted to be. This new knowledge is opening up the ME I’ve always felt inside or looked forward to becoming, but got lost in the shuffle and chaos of livingness…And as a final accolade, Jean, what is even more amazing is that even though all of us in the workshop were so different, you were able to point up and get us each to recognize our own individual assets and how to use those assets to put forth the best in each of us. I was startled to see each person transformed into a true beauty with just the right cut of jacket, style of pants or skirts. This is truly magic!” EN

Closet Ah-Ha!

Had the BEST time with you!!!  I feel like I’ve had a “lightbulb moment” and finally understand better my actual style.
Now I feel I can be much more intentional when looking at adding any pieces to my closet to stay true to myself. CB

I now have the know-how to present my self…

Services delivered: Color Analysis, Panache Basic Workshop, Custom Clothing Consulting and Personal Shopping:

Thank you for the image consultation! I was amazed to get so much out of the few action-packed hours we spent together.
You gave me 100% individual assessment and recommendations, but what was most valuable was the education, so that I can continue to make the right choices. Now every single item in my closet looks great and feels comfortable to wear. And best of all, my appearance truly reflects what I want it to, in business and leisure activities. I now have the know-how to present my self the way I want people to see me.
Panache Image Consulting is a service that keeps on giving – every day I know I look great and I receive compliments to prove it. Thank you again Jean.
Best wishes,
Moira Dolan, MD
Austin, TX

Personal Color Wins

Services Delivered: Personal Color Analysis and Training

I just had my colors done with Jean LeFebvre at Panache Images and it was fantastic!

I have met very few people in my life who have the sense of style, taste and elegance that Jean has.  She has an ability to assess one’s strong points and the experience and knowledge to make suggestions that will accentuate those strong points to their fullest in a person.

This is a rare trait that sets Jean apart and gives added value to her consultation that one would not necessarily receive from another color consultant.

Thank you, Jean!  I’m thrilled with my colors and excited about my new sense of style.

Laura Bezden