Closet Transformation

Services Delivered: Personal Color Analysis and 5 hours Closet Edit and Organization

I’m going to try to explain what I’ve been experiencing since I did Jean’s closet consultation.  It’s a very definite, tangible experience but seems hard to put into words.  I feel like I have been trying for so long to be someone else, thinking that that was what was expected of me – but now I’m in my own skin, not trying to project something else, but just loving who I am and willing to show it in all its glory.  Jean had to work patiently to get me to see who I was, I wasn’t aware of it at first.  I had to go back and forth between fabrics, shapes and colors that clashed with me and ones that were very harmonious and supportive of my strong suits.  The final results are that I feel at home in my clothes, they extend from me seamlessly.  I no longer feel that I’m awkwardly trying to fit into someone else’s personality.  I feel graceful, artistic and uniquely me in my clothes now.  I feel very happy to be who I am and proud to have the qualities I have.  It’s very freeing and relaxing – I’m not in some foreign skin, trying unsuccessfully to be someone I’m not.

I’ve gotten so much more than I expected from my closet session with Jean.  In addition to an art lesson, it transformed my closet into a beautifully organized space where each wardrobe piece is categorized so that I can quickly assemble a casual, business or evening outfit – how much confusion and wasted time that eliminates!   And even though I’ve eliminated all the mistakes, I’ve more than tripled the number of outfits I have because of all the different combinations of clothing that I wasn’t even aware of and wasn’t taking advantage of.

In one afternoon Jean has changed the way I look at things – now I’m noticing curved lines clashing with angularities.  I can see that I’ve been wearing shapes, proportions and textures in my clothing that have been fighting me and detracting from me rather than supporting me.  And I’ve been making the same mistakes over and over again.  I wish I had done this long ago – I would have avoided wasting money on these mistakes and I would have been able to avoid frumpiness.  I want everyone to have this opportunity because daily and at every encounter with others we are advertising who we are – others can see confidence and beauty or a disharmonious frumpiness.  We can advertise our shortcomings or draw attention to our gifts.   I’ve gotten so much valuable knowledge!

Thank you so much, Jean!


Candace Fischer