Fashion Archetypes for Fall

what's your style?

This season’s fashion selection will appeal to every unique personality. What’s your style personality? This guide focuses on seven style personalities to choose from so I’m making it easy for you to figure that out which one makes you want to go shopping. You may find that you resonate with one category or maybe you are a mix of categories. Enjoy reading through them all.

The Luxury Peasantlace-up-peek-toed-booties

There is a sense of wonder, romance and creativity in your soul. You appreciate beauty across the eras and notice refinement. You may have enjoyed playing “dress up” as a child and are an imaginative adult. In this look, fairy tales do come true!

 Others might describe you this way:


Exotic and dreamy




Fairy tale-like


What you’ll find to satisfy yourself this season:

luxury-peasantFull-length dress with a flouncy hem in a “new” old world print

Lace up peep toed booties

Fringed suede skirt

Brocade pants in a spiced hue

Tassel earrings

Patchwork denim jacket with a shearling collar

Velvet tuxedo jacket or velvet vest

The Preppy Chic

This is not L.L. Bean but you’re drawn to updated tradition. It comes naturally to you to be on time, organized and pulled together. You can find security in high quality labels and don’t mind if people notice. You prefer timelessness to “fast-fashion.” This is a great look for a corporate woman who wants to break out of a rut.

Others might describe you this way:


“On time, as scheduled”

Proper and polished

Attending to details



Knows the rules

What you’ll find:

Double breasted slightly slouchy pantsuit (add tennis shoes)preppy-chic

Shirtwaist dress

Spectator sling backs

Plaid cape in a sweater knit

Camel colored cable knit long sweater

A backpack in lieu of a handbag

Pleated skirt

The Risk-taker

Your goal isn’t to push other people’s buttons, but to fearlessly express yourself. You’ll expand the boundaries of what’s possible. If you aren’t entirely understood by everyone, well, you don’t need to be. Rest assured, people can’t wait to see what you will wear next!

Others might describe you this way:

Understands Salvador Dali

Shines in the spotlight


Willing to be the first to experiment

Playfully rebellious


What you’ll find:

risk-takerMini skirt worn with a maxi coat in miss-matched patterns

Black tuxedo pant with yellow stripes tucked into knee high boots

Canary yellow (or royal blue or emerald green, etc.) worn head to toe, from with eye frames to over-the-knee boots

White sleeveless shearling coat

Feather or ostrich collars


Fur skirt

The Organic Fashionista

Less is more and you pay attention to form, function and origin. You are a nature lover who’s also tech savvy. You’re not afraid to pay more for a well-sourced product. Organic, yes, but it has to look great as well as having a great provenance.

Others might describe you this way:

Pared down

Relaxed but alert

Strives to avoid excess

Lives “green”

Nurturing, soothing

Natural and in harmony

What you’ll find:

Fit and flare long sleeved jersey knit dress in desert brownorganic-fashionista

Over the shoulder shrug jacket in handmade knit

Crinkle pleated tunic in ombre shades

Crocheted sweater knit maxi coat

Oversized fisherman sweater


Organic cotton flared jeans

The Edgy Sophisticate

You live in a town, small or large, but are a New Yorker at heart—even if you’ve never been there. You have understated glamour. Your outfits always have a unique element, but you’re not seeking the center of attention. You are too busy living your own life. Art or art appreciation is likely one of your main interests.

Others might describe you this way:

Classic but with a twist

Urban connection

Modern, doesn’t linger in the past

Thoughtfully put together

More sleek, less fussy

Has a high fashion IQ with a knowledge of fashion history and its evolution

What you’ll find:

edgy-sophisticateLong sleeved floor length chemise in white jersey for evening

Slit-vamp bootie

Cape/caplet in charcoal gray or cement

Cowl neck felted wool dress, falling below the knee

Thin leather turtleneck

Long, graceful pendant


The Tender Romantic

You take the time to wonder, reflect and appreciate. You’re drawn to beauty. You care deeply, feel passionately, and have a sentimental side. You want a charm bracelet more than designer tennis shoes, especially if the charms come from someone you love.

 Others might describe you this way:

Thoughtful and considerate

Loving and nurturing

Soft around the edges

Deep and dreamy
Serene and sensual

Cherishes memories

 What you’ll find:

Tiered flouncy long skirttender-romantic

Tops in shades of blush, peach nude, pink nude, rose, mauve

Skirt suit in a small-scale plaid

Crocheted dress

Powder blue silk pantsuit

Mink collar


The Alluring Temptress

You are a woman who can handle attention. You understand the importance of what is hidden and what is revealed. You have a playful side, but you are a strategic thinker and planner. If this is you, you already know your style, just have fun trying out some of these new pieces.

Others might describe you this way:





Womanly and sensual
Comfortable standing out in a crowd


What you’ll find:

alluring-temptressLong sleeved zip front mini dress

Wide scooped long sleeved peplum velvet stretchy top

Fringed tiered pencil skirt

Velvet heeled knee high boots

Red silk long sleeved shirtdress with over the knee black boots

Animal print coat with wide belt

Python print pumps with ankle straps

WOW, these are dynamic archetypes! Enjoy trying out a new look, even if it is only in the dressing room. It will get your creative juices flowing so that you can adapt pieces from your closet and add a few new items to make your fashion statement for this season. ENJOY!

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