My services are designed to be an investment to give you the tools you need and teach you the skills to shop for yourself and put together great outfits. You might say that I’m more of a coach or trainer than a consultant.

I love to see women and men looking great. It is my greatest pleasure when a client proudly shows me an outfit or some special item that they have purchased on their own. They are looking awesome and they did themselves!

So my primary goal is for you to be able to express your creativity and become your own stylist. That said, some people prefer to have my creative input and help so I offer those services too. You get to choose what works for you.


Are you confused by all the colors you see in the stores so you just buy and wear the same colors over and over, black, for instance? Not sure which colors are appropriate for your business or social life?

When you wear the colors that work with your coloring, you will have the confidence that comes from knowing you look your best. Knowing which colors to buy makes shopping so much easier. No more wasting time and money on clothing mistakes that only hang in the closet and make you feel frustrated.

The advantages of knowing and wearing your best colors:

  • You will look more vital, alive and youthful,
  • Ladies, you will need less makeup,
  • Your wardrobe can be completely coordinated so you can buy less and have more you really wear,
  • You will know which colors are your best so that shopping becomes a pleasure instead of a confusing nightmare!

How It Works

To prepare for your first appointment:

  • For ladies and gentlemen, it does not matter what you wear. We will use a neutral-colored drape in doing the analysis,
  • Ladies, please do not wear makeup,
  • Be prepared to remove contact lenses if they are tinted.

First Appointment, 1.5 hours:

  • A thorough color testing and analysis so that your custom color palette can be created,
  • Ladies, please bring your makeup to determine if you are wearing the most flattering colors,
  • Learn quick techniques for applying makeup for the best effect no matter your current level of expertise.

Second Appointment, 1.0 hours:

  • You receive YOUR computer generated custom color palette,
  • Training on how to use your accent colors and neutral tones,
  • Information on your best colors for interviews, presentations, dates and for rest and rejuvenation,
  • Advice on hair color, if desired.


You will gain the knowledge to stop buying mistakes, turn shopping into a rewarding experience and look great in the clothes you buy. Face Shape and Body Silhouette Analysis will provide you with the guidebook you need to make the best choices for you. Here is what you will learn?

  • The fabrics and clothing styles that will enhance your silhouette,
  • The fashion solutions to your concerns about your body shape and size,
  • Which jewelry shapes, hairstyles and glasses are best for your face shape.


How It Works:

First Appointment – Your Issues and Concerns, 1.0 hours

  • Analysis of your face shape to the best choices in jewelry shapes, necklines, collars and patterns,
  • Body silhouette information taken to determine your body balance and best clothing styles,
  • Determination of body challenges you want to address so that your portfolio will be customized to show you how to create the illusion of proportion you want to achieve.

Second Appointment – It’s ALL About Making You Look Good, 1.5 hours

  • Receive your customized portfolio with suggestions for styles of clothing, glasses shapes, accessories and hairstyles that enhance your features, face shape and body shape,
  • Explanation of how to use clothing styles to create the illusions of proportion you requested,
  • Explanation of your portfolio so that you are confident you have the information you need to shop for and put together clothing and accessories that will be flattering.


Sometimes you just don’t know where to start! Developing a distinctive and memorable personal image can seem confusing and overwhelming. This session and the resulting program are unique to each individual. 4.0 hours

  • Identify which issues are most important to you for achieving your best professional and personal image,
  • Establish a timeline to accomplish your personal image goals,
  • Determine whether you need assise with hairstyle or personal grooming,
  • Identify the types of clothing that will make up a complete and workable wardrobe for the life you have now and for the goals you will achieve.

How It Works:

To prepare for your first appointment:

You start out with some homework, forms to fill in and some exercises that you will share with me about what you want and need from your wardrobe. This will take you 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how much time you want to devote to it.

First Appointment, 3 – 4 hours:

We meet at your home to review of your homework and evaluate your wardrobe based on what we have discovered. Then we write a program specific to your needs. It may include a shopping list and appointments for a closet edit, shopping for what’s needed, taking items for alteration.

Second Appointment(s), hours determined by your specific program:

Examples: Personal shopping, a visit to the tailor, hair appointment for cut and/or color.

Third Appointment, 3 -4 hours:

We meet at your home to make outfits using your purchases integrated with your wardrobe. I take photos so you will have an outfit lookbook whenever you need inspiration.


Have a closet that needs attention or an overhaul? It is liberating to have a closet that works for you instead of against you. With professional guidance your closet can be edited and organized so that you can quickly and easily find and choose what to wear. Closet design, renovation and storage solutions can be part of this service. It can literally change how you approach the world every day. Prerequisites: Personal Color Analysis and Clothing Styles for You, Time necessary to complete will be evaluated on an individual basis, 2.0 hours minimum.


Personal Shopping as a Skill Set, 2.0 hours minimum

You know your colors and styles so now it is time to learn how to shop. Prerequisites: Personal Color Analysis and Clothing Styles for You.

  • We will find the stores and departments that work for you,
  • You can make it a training expedition just to learn or we can purchase items you need,
  • You will learn how to assemble a capsule wardrobe and add the accessories to make it on trend and uniquely yours.

Personal Shopping, 2.0 hours minimum

You want to get the shopping done quickly and just prefer to use my creative eye to help you put together those amazing outfits. Personal shopping can help you accomplish your clothing goals efficiently and have more fun in the process. Prerequisites: Personal Color Analysis and Clothing Styles for You. Examples:

  • You are moving up in the world and need a whole new look,
  • You want to integrate your existing wardrobe with the new season’s looks,
  • You need to find a killer outfit for a special occasion,
  • You want to fill in the missing pieces to complete your wardrobe,
  • Your size has changed and you need extra help putting together some great looks,
  • Shop for a capsule wardrobe for an upcoming trip.


Putting it all together: You have beautiful, serviceable clothing. Your closet is organized. You bought pieces to fill in the gaps of your wardrobe. Now it’s time to put them together to maximize the investments you have made Let’s go shopping in your closet. There are lots of great outfits in there waiting to be created! Prerequisites: Personal Color Analysis and Clothing Styles for You, 2.0 hours minimum.

  • Assemble outfits using existing and new pieces,
  • Create several options for each item of clothing,
  • Accessorize outfits for the affects you want to create,
  • Travel wardrobes for short trips, long trips and multiple destinations.


You and your friends and associates can learn some of the fine points of creating a unique image and how to dress for special situations. I offer these from time to time or your can put a group together, minimum 6 attendees.


  • What Is Personal Image and Why Do I Need One? – Research has proven that in less than 2 minutes, we formulate opinions about everyone we meet and 93% of this first impression is visual. Learn how you can make the most of these 2 minutes to increase your impact and opportunity to succeed.
  • How to Look Good in a Photograph – Head shots, holidays and group pictures make you groan? Learn the models’ secrets. Even they have to learn how to pose for the camera.
  • How to Choose a Lipstick – Learn which shades and what type of lip color look best on you. Includes a lesson on how to apply lip color so that it stays on.
  • Wardrobe and Makeup for TV and Video – Learn the special do’s and don’ts of this industry.
  • Power, Authority and Teambuilding – What to wear and when to wear it – Whether you are a solopreneur, small business owner or you are climbing the corporate ladder, this powerful seminar teaches you how to dress to accomplish your goals with your team members, clients and bosses.


  • The WOW Factor Wardrobe – How to look and feel great every time you get dressed.
  • Buy It, Keep It, Store It, Toss It? – How to evaluate clothing for your life now.
  • How To Wear a Trend When it is Not Your Personal Color or Style – Love it, Want it, Have to have it!
  • How To Wear Black When it is NOT in Your Color Palette – Learn how to wear it well even if it is not your most flattering color.
  • Holiday Style – Holiday dressing tips for the busy woman to transition from day to evening with Panache.


  • The Art of the Scarf – Simple scarf tips and tricks to utilize this beautiful accessory that can make even a T-shirt and jeans look special.
  • Choose a Hat to Flatter Your Face Shape and Body Type – Think you can’t wear one? You just haven’t learned which to choose and how to wear it.
  • Lipstick! – How to choose the right color and texture and how to apply it so that it stays where you put it.

Organization and Maintenance

  • Closet Showcase – Maximize your closet’s potential by organizing your wardrobe items for maximum visibility and ease of access. Storage solutions that make it easy to stay organized.
  • Pack My Bag – Capsule wardrobe selection and coordination for short trips, long trips and/or multiple events and destinations. The suitcase as art.
  • Care for Your Clothing and It Will Care for You – Includes resources for cleaning, laundering, restyling, alterations, and disaster relief (moths, stains, rips).

Corporate/Group Presentations and Seminars

Whether you need staff training or want a special speaker for your group, I offer presentations that are engaging, informative and entertaining. Contact me to discuss the needs of your group or event.


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